Monday, May 31, 2010

Aph. 1

God and the world are one flesh.


31 May 2010
At the Memorial Day Parade today in Hamden, Conn., I noted fusions of:

  • patriotism and Christianity
  • kids and candy
  • young and old
  • Harley riding and hatred for bin Laden
  • militarism and love of peace
  • honor and silliness
  • tattooed arms and closely cropped hair
  • sadness and joy

Some fusions teetered toward confusion and may have passed over the line. Judgment of essential values strikes me as a daunting task, one to which we should commit our lives. Being on moral autopilot is dangerous.

Clay and Digitality

The J creation account in the Hebrew Bible (Gen. 2:4b-25) says that man was formed from dust of the ground. Creation of human beings from mud or clay is a quite common theme around the world. For Indians in the southwest, the clay bodies were dried in kilns. In our age of digitality, where the virtual is more real than the physical, we need to embrace our being clay and resist gnosticism. The virtue of justice, physical healing, and healthy meals are in service of clay.

Be clay today.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whither God?

God. This is a small word and a large concept. To say God means that there is coherence, if not in the world, then somewhere. The where in somewhere may be nonphysical, as many insist. But to stress that too consistently leads many to believe that it's the where in nowhere.

I lift my eyes to the hills. From whence cometh my help?
Psalm 121:1

Theological Prescripts

This site will be dedicated to theological prescripts. Most entries will be short. Musings will dominate. Aphorisms will abound. The idea is that life is dynamic and ever-flowing and that theology also should be. Life doesn't wait for an essay to be written, let alone a journal article to be published.

One blink, and it's gone. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, "Don't worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will worry for itself." Stay tuned.


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