Sunday, October 3, 2010


In the beauty of a New England fall, two lovers marry. Their love represents the glory of creation, and the blessings pronounced in the ceremony call this glory to awareness. This glory lingers in the mind, and then all at once the fullness of everything is clearer and more luminous than normal. In each moment, new glories abound, and the world--as a creation--shines forth with inexhaustible meanings.

We express these meanings in word, music, and dance. But each expression also creates new meanings, and most of what we should see, understand, and express is hidden from view, not understood, and not said.

God is that which gives and knows all meanings and expresses them in ever new glories. If this is not so--admittedly this is quite possible--some meanings are lost permanently. The hopes entailed in meaningful union rest in divine embrace.

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