Sunday, August 4, 2013

Implicit Associations?

Readers are encouraged to take a demo Implicit Association Test.* See what you find out about yourself, at least as revealed by the instruments. Do you have biases? Are they revealed by associational judgments? Are they illuminated by the IAT?

All of us are called to increased self-awareness and to overcome biases--in ourselves, others, and society. The tests show some of the levels of challenge that entails. Our societies and workplaces are increasingly diverse--and better because of it. But the project of according access and full participation to all continues. What do we fail to understand or see when perspectives that dominate are limited to this or that group? This or that way of engaging topics? This or that interest?

The diversity of my workplace is one of its most compelling features, a core strength upon which we hope to build. Is that true of yours? True in general? Clearly, we have work to do. I will be posting a brief reflection over at RITN, on the question of terrorism and profiling. Some of the themes intersect with association and bias.

*The researchers who developed the IAT are Brian Nosek, Makzarin Banaji, and Tony Greenwald. Hats off!

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